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28 December
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- Much Ado About What I Do-

Warning/Disclaimer to the stuffy:
This LJ may contain irony, sarcasm, double entendres and irreverent humor.

Me: I have the face of many foreign countries, the voice of Deep Southerner and the politics of, like, California (but don't pen me as a hippie-dippy New Age Grateful Dead-esque sun-ravaged vulgarian :P). I was conceived in Ecuador, transported to the U.S.A. in my mother's womb by a plane and born five months later in New Orleans. I spent all my formative years in the Deep South and now live on the Left Coast.

Other pertinent info: My favorite colors are jewel tones, my favorite number is 4, my favorite season is Fall in Louisiana or Spring in California, my favorite weather is partly sunny with a 30% chance of rain, and my favorite Muppet is Grover.

Adding Policy: This is an equal opportunity LJ that accepts anyone regardless of religious or political affiliation, blood type, race, bad hairstyle, sperm count, arrest record, gender orientation or number of emo blogs. May not be suitable for bigots.

Privacy: Because I lead a demented and sacrilegious inner life that may make Homeland Security or my boss feel the need issue a warrant, I keep this LJ about 70% friends-only. Naw, really there is nothing excessivly illegal or revolting here, but some things are just better kept to those in the huddle.

Anti-abortion ideologues beware -
I'm promoting objective, factual information on: Roe v. Wade and abortion
You can too. Join me in Bombing for Choice.

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